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Cloud Native Development Environments (IDE)

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Browser-based development environments (IDE) that feel like a virtual machine and benefit from the power of Multicloud Kubernetes installations while keeping administration simple.

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What is
Cloud Native Coding?

Local application development (coding) is becoming increasingly difficult, as

  • Most services are located in the cloud or in a on-premises cluster
  • Traditional service mocks become very complex and costly due to the high number of Microservices (software modules)
  • Company wide managed developer PCs, making the use of current tools partly impossible

The solution is a integrated development environment (IDE), which itself runs as a container in a Kubernetes cluster. The User Interface is presented in a browser like Chrome. Thus common technologies like HTTP/TLS with certificates and OAuth for authentication is used and should be available in every setup. Development with an IDE in the cloud is easier, because whatever you do, you are already in the same cluster where the rest of the services are located.

What do we stand for?

Our Mission

  • Provide a set of custom development environments to help developers focus on their business domain instead of configuring laptops or fighting corporate security policies and VPNs
  • Developers create and test their software exactly where the rest of the system is located. No need for local installation, local code or local data
  • Ease of use even at on premises installations
  • Helping companies with their cloud first strategy
  • Being Kubernetes Native: No specific adoptions to clusters or any unusual tools involved
  • No need to administrate physical hardware
  • Accelerating cloud-native application development