What means Cloud/Kubernetes Native?

There are neither any specific adoptions to your Kubernetes clusters required nor any unusual tools, configurations, clients, protocols etc. involved. Everything is running in your Kubernetes cluster.

I suppose the data will be completely local?

A so-called CNC operator pod will be deployed in your Kubernetes cluster. This ensures that the IDEs (VS-Code or Eclipse Theia) are managed directly in the cluster. Only the management UI (and its API) is located on the Internet. This means that all data (containers, images, volumes etc.) always remain completely and exclusively with your infrastructure.

What does "feels like a VM" mean?

The IDE Pod, that is created by the operator is backed by a Volume. This Volume holds the whole container image filesystem, so that all changes are persisted. This includes e.g. sudo apt install or whatever you do while you are using your IDE

How does the development cycle look like?

The IDE Container is running in your Kubernetes cluster in a specific namespace. By using the IDEs Extensions or the IDEs shell window (e.g. with kubectl) you have full access to Kubernetes cluster your IDE is running in. That allows you to start databases, messaging systems or use existing cluster services. If you start or debug an application from your sources within the IDE, it is already part of the cluster/system and can be exposed by K8s Services and/or Ingress (example repository CNC Spring Demo Application).

Where do the IDE container come from?

Best practice is to host your specific IDE Dockerfile and its related files in a Git repositry. The operator builds the container image in your cluster once a new IDE has to be created. However, we provide a set of curated ready to use IDE container images for common needs, that can be used directly or as base images (e.g. Theia Image ).

How to setup my infrastructure firewall rules?

The CNC operator only exchanges configuration data with the CNC management API. To do this, your on-premises cluster firewall must allow egress access from cluster to the CNC-API (the opposite case, ingress access from the API to the cluster, is not necessary).

What IDEs can be used?

In general any IDE that runs in a linux container and exposees its frontend as HTML.