Get Started

This Get Started describes the local installation of the Community Version of CNDE.
If you have any questions about the Management Dashboard as a Service, commercial installation support, adoptions to your development process or company setup, send an E-Mail or use this form.


The Cloud Native Development Environment (CNDE) consists of 3 components:

The typical 2 cluster setup is as follows:

Cluster 1 (Dashboard cluster) contains:

  • a Keycloak instance for Dashboard authentication
  • a WEB-Dashboard instance
  • a API for c-n-d-e Controller instances

Cluster 2 (IDE cluster) contains:

  • a Keycloak instance for IDE authentication
  • c-n-d-e Controller calling the API
  • c-n-d-e Operator creating and deleting IDEs on Cluster 2
However, all components can be installed on the same cluster. If it also makes sense to have more than one dashboard instance, this can be done by using more than one tenant.


CNC provides a Python Script to bootstrap all necessary Kubernetes manifest YAMLs. The manifests can be applied using Kustomize. Since typical Kubernetes installations are very heterogeneous, the manifests have to be seen as a base for own changes and adoptions. Therefore the YAMLs should be managed in their own repository once they've been created.
Typical changes to the manifests are: Type of Ingress Controller used, mTLS Yes or No for API (the manifests realize that using a NGINX Ingress feature), selection of namespaces, Oauth settings etc.

Manifest bootstrapping steps:

  • Clone the Repo at
  • choose values for Keycloak hostname, domains for IDE-Cluster and Dashboard-Cluster and initial password for Users
  • execute e.g.: "./ -tenant mytenant -keycloak keycloak -cluster_domain -dashboard_domain -pw 0815"